Works In Progress

Now that Alyce Black has released her first book, Ancestral (yay!), here are the other things I’m working on:

Glitch – sci-fi/horror, maybe more general spec-fic. I dunno. It’s a strange one, honestly. Gaming, incidental zombies, mutliverse, and a dash of Cthulhu-esque flavor for good measure. I’d pitched this one to several agents without success. Right now I’m entering it in PitchWars, hoping to land one of their amazing mentors to help me polish both the book and my pitch, and ultimately snag an agent. Of course even if I’m not chosen as a mentee, the PW community is so supportive and helpful, that’s worth its weight in platinum. Plus I’ve hooked up with another Pitch Warrior and we’re trading manuscripts to read and critique, so that’s a huge plus all by itself 😀 Stay tuned for news!

Unnamed myth/creature based short story anthology– Okay, so, my other half, Ally Blue, had a couple of homeless previously published horror stories: “That Voodoo” and “Flesh And Song.” Both are loosely based on mythological creatures: the incubus and the siren, respectively. So I thought, why not write a few more short stories and put out a themed anthology? Cool, right? Yeah, it is! I’ve written a Will O’ The Wisp story, and am working on a water sprite story. Then I’m hoping to write a Cthulhu mythos story, but so far I haven’t thought of one, so we’ll see. I also need to come up with a title.

Trapdoor – futuristic space sci-fi with a bit of a horror edge. Also female led, which is cool. It’s called Trapdoor because the beings inhabiting the planet involved in this story operate a bit like a trapdoor spider. No, they are not spiders, and they don’t look like spiders. They just hunt like them 🙂

Mother Wynter – This is probably the coolest thing on my plate right now. It all started last Christmas, when the family and I were watching Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (as one does) and this happened:

Girl child: What if Kris Kringle got caught by the Winter Warlock before he made it over the mountain? What if he was raised by the Winter Warlock instead of the Kringles?

Me: @_@

Yeah, she’s an evil genius. Of course the resulting story is completely unrecognizable as a Christmasy thing now (I went back in time to 1850s San Francisco, the Wendigo got involved, you know… things happen…) but OMG it’s SO. AWESOME. I love that the characters are almost all girls and women. Ally Blue never did that, though she did have lots of fantastic women as secondary characters. I’m excited to write women as main characters, especially in horror which has been my favorite genre since I first learned to read.

I have more thoughts and ideas bubbling in my brain. But these are the ones that have Scrivener projects started, so they’re actually real, ha. Stay tuned for updates!